of our {g7}heart
and mind, {f}feelings
of our {g7}ears and eyes.
I{f}magine how {g7}all could
be, if {f}thoughts would be like
{g7}music - imagin{f}ations of a
{g7}wonderful world for every{f}
body here, {g7}listening some
words of {f}Freedom instead

of {g7}politics - Yes, we {c}
know{a-d7g7} since a {c}
lot de{a-}cades that {d7}
music is {g7}different...
of our {c}heart and
feelings of our
{a-}ears and
how {g7}all
could be, if {f}
all would be like
{g7}music... Yeah,
soon it will {c}be!{fc}


{Step by Step, UNO}