{d}How Can Be
the {g}relief of your
{a}soul? Good perhaps
if you can ex{g}plain to me
what or {a}how can be a relief
of {g}Heart and his {d}Brain in a
{a}poem or a {g}song or in {a}any
spoken {g}words or drawings be{d}
fore. See, think about, {g}feel, hear
and {a}do... at work, let's do it... {d}
Yes - {a}already clear thing about
is ex{g}actly that what you're {d}
doing... to give your {a}singing
answer {g}to my {d}question.
Just a moment. I am still {a}
feeling & hearing... still no
{g}answer - No, so it is{d}:
Feel, Hear and {g}Do what
you {a}see & {d}think about.
Even to {a}hear Feelings are
{g}answers to Hart & {d}Brain.
{a}Thank you, {g}my Gui{d}tar.

23/12/2014 & 18/01/2015

{Dal viola della chitarra ora, Talete}