Ask What You Can Do For Her

{c}What about to {a-}write a song a{d7}bout? {g7}
{c}Do you mean the {a-}words of 6{d7}1? {g7}Yes, Sir:

"Ask not {c}what your {a-}country can {d7}do for {g7}you;
{c}ask what {a-}you can {d7}do {g7}for your {c}country." {a-d7g7}

And {c}what are we {a-}doing now? {d7g7} Only
{c}singing a {a-}song. {d7g7}For your {c}country? {a-d7}
{g7}No... Don't {c}worry, {a-d7g7}be in ac{c}tivity{a-d7g7}, even

{c}This is {a-}yet to {d7}do {g7}something for {c}people... {a-d7g7}
Can even be, I {c}really {a-}needed to {d7}sing {g7}your {c}words! {a-d7g7c}

20/11/2013 & 12/01/2016

{Dedicated to the great political know-how and aphorism of John Fitzgerald Kennedy}