{d-}Hey, Mr. {g7}Submarine
Man, {c}play this song for {a-}me,
I'm still {d-}waiting... And there {g7}is
no place I'm {c}going to, {d-}hey, mr. {g7}
Submarine Man, {c}play this song for {a-}me,
in a {d-}jingle jangle {g7}valley I'll come followin'
{c}you. {d-}Although I know that {g7}mountains yet
{c}are between you and {a-}me and {d7}one is called
{g7}Mrs. Tambour{c}ine - {d-}Hey, Mrs. {g7}Tambourine
Mountain, {c}hear this song for {a-}me, I'm still {d-}waiting
and there {g7}is no place I'm {c}going to... {d-}Hey, Mrs. {g7}
Tambourine Mountain, {c}what about to {a-}say that a {d-}jingle
jangle {g7}valley & ocean are followin' {c}you?{a-d-g7c} Thanks!

24/05/2015 & 06/06/2016

{And many thanks to Dylan, Sinatra, Dalla and to Apuan 'Tambura'}