These And Those... Yes, Sir... 

{d}Yes, sir, yes, it's {g}really a very nice i{d}dea
to {a}sing about the {g}story that Vespucci Ame{d}rigo
dis{a}couvered your {g}country, dear A{d}mericans, & {a}that
you wanted to keep his {g}first name for {a}your {g}United {d}States.

Clear, sir, sure, but {g}can you explain to {d}me
why we {a}do not say of 'A{g}meriGa' but 'A{d}meriCa'?

Sure, even {a}this is {g}possible to ex{d}plain by {a}difference of
dialects like {g}here in {d}Tuscany - when you hear a 'n{a}Ova' and
{g}not the Italian 'n{d}UOva', {a}meaning both also {g}here the {d}same.

It's {a}clear now, These And Those? {g}Yes, sir, thanks. {d}Same {g}to {d}you!

31/10/2013 & 12/10/2014

{AmeriGo in Toscana è AmeriCo, come quindi anche a nord dei fichi non d'India di allora}