Step by Step
Namely what?
{d7}Let us hear.
Well, you have to
{g7}write it before.
Sure, but even with
my gui{d7}tar for the
will of a new musical
{g7}poem, sir. Ok, let
us go on and step by
{d7}step, how it was
since a lot of years,
but in {g7}different
mood now.{d7g7}
Yes, so it is, ok.
Don't {c}worry,
be in ac{a-}tivity,
then {d7}that is the
only way to go {g7}on.
{c}Do it, {a-}do it{d7g7},
{c}your way, {a-}my way.
{d7g7} Then {c}that is the
{a-}only way {d7}to {g7}go
{c}on.{a-d7g7} Namely {c}
what?{a-d7g7c} Our way!


{" '3 Feet, 36 Inches, Namely 1 Yard' ", 09/05/2021}