{a-d7g7}We have
to sing it now {c}differently
this year{a-d7g7}: children and
petals a big {c}difference{a-d7g7} -
but the big Nations yet not like {c}You,
{a-}Petalous {d7}Smart Way to {g7}Be!
'Why then?' Hey - World Refugee Day,
you, is that ok? 'Sure! We have to sing
it {c}now{a-d7g7}, that all next futures
need Environment & Human Rights
Days - without refugees so, but
the ability to be all together!'
{ca-d7g7} Ok, Matthew,
thanks... let me try to
sing this now{ca-d7g7}
by the meaning of musical
Reaction {c}Policy necessity.


{To All Refugees, UNICEF & UNO}