{g7}The Petalous
smart way to {c}be.{a-d7g7}
Do you now that even a {c}boy
can create a new a{d7}djective
at school? That's it - little boy
Matthew Found did it with
his {g7}teacher in Italian
school: "peta{c}loso"{a-
d7g7}, and didn't exist in
vocabulary; yes, this is it,
the {f}smart {g7}way to {c}
be{a-d7g7}, childhood. Like
natural intelligence of flowers,
"tanti petali è peta{c}loso"{a-d7
g7}and a lot of petals: {f}petalous
{g7}smart way to {c}be...{a-d7g7c}

22/03/2016 & 17/05/2016

{Grazie Matteo Trovò}